Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I took the weekend off. Again.

A three-day weekend, no less. Again. (Last week was valentine's day, this week, president's day.)

I couldn't really afford to, looking at a) my wordcount, b) my inbox, c) my list of things to do and d) my inbox. (It's scary enough to mention twice.)

But it really was a great weekend! I watched Shrek 2 with Melody on Saturday, we got a pantry put together in the kitchen, and put up, and rearranged all our kitchen shelves and upacked a buttload from the connex box. (I managed to slip while loading/unloading, and my back has hurt on and off since Sunday, but hey, I'm not complaining. Too loudly.)

I also got art time. Just a ton of satisfying, happy-snappy art time. :)

I found the scratchboard I'd hid from myself in November when I was too busy to breathe and started playing with that... very, very fun stuff - I'm going to like it a lot! Messed up the piece I was working on, but learned a lot. I worked on a submitted description piece I'm liking very much, started inking a new general PA piece (with feathers! and lots of beads! and columns!), finished up 3 pages of sketches for Angles, and started a new digital facial piece (also for general PA).

I have some orders to fill today, and some artists to set up at EMG, and submissions to slog through, and new work to post, and... hmm... writing, yes, definitely writing. Tonight is gaming, so I'll get more doodle time then!


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