Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Frustrating day so far, but I feel cheerful.

Mostly, I've been slogging through submissions, setting up contracts and sorting emails, which is always a royal hairy pain. There is some *really* amazing work that I'm awfully excited about offering. :)

New work up at PA!

Including one of mine:

(Click for details)

I plan to finish laying out Dotminatrix today and take it to be printed - I've got several places I want to see about wholesaling to, and darn it, it's about time this thing got finished. I have some guilt (oh, look surprised...) that I could be putting up entries for other artists, but really, I have GOT to start making ME some money or I will have to go back to work... And we don't want that, because that makes Ellen grumpy. On that note - the subtitle "The Lines and Dots of Ellen Million" - good, or bad? Maybe just "The Art of Ellen Million?" Or something thematic? "The Magical Art of Ellen Million?" or "The Mind-Gobbling Art of Ellen Million?" I dunno... Advice?

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