Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Daily stuff...

8 New Designs Up!


Also wrote this morning, about to go write again until lunch time.

The house continues to improve in teensy babysteps... we got some more electrical covers up over the weekend, and last night we hung coat hooks by the entryway - a much needed clutter-remover!

Gaming last night was quite fun - we've started another Amber campaign. We're considering ditching the Shadowrun game in favor of Stargate, which I'm all for.

Also, it's looking very, very likely that Jennie will be moving up at the end of July! Ha ha! I will have a part-time minion close enough to poke with a stick when I need to, and she will be free of her horrible life-sucking job. My gaming group is almost as enthused as I am.

I think I'm hungry... *wanders off*

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