Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Making up for yesterday...

Yesterday was largely a loss, though I did get all my Old Queue shopping carts coded, and did some announcing and such. Oh, and PA got updated, including one super-fast, high-priced adoption! Woot!

I was horribly worried about Velcro most of the day, but she gradually perked back up and started expressing dismay in the empty state of her food bowl. By evening, she seemed completely normal, and today she's been fine.

Today, I have posted section 7 of Jenny and Bjorn (mostly written on... gosh, Tuesday?!), I have outlined the rest of the novel so I'm not stabbing around so aimlessly, and I got nine EMG entries up. :)

Now, I will set up two interested artists at the submissions site, write a little, and go into town to fill orders.

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