Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Random randoms.

Mostly done with Jenny and Bjorn pt 7, but it's not tied up yet - I'm doing my best to cut the scenes at logical places. Doesn't always work out, but mostly.

Means I only have today's left to do before I'm caught up.

Answered a number of stale emails today, and did some site maintanence. The card sending service at EMG is no more. *moment of silence*

Got some artists set up to submit, and folks, it's really not too bad in there - if you've been holding off so as not to swamp me, don't worry about it. :) (No, I haven't sorted them yet, but there aren't so many to go through that I'm frightened...)

Having said that, I am fully prepared to be deluged.

And eek, it's after 4 and I have gaming tonight. Best get moving. I have two orders to get out before art/shooting people time. And I need a shower.

Did I mention that our sink drains? GLEE.

Also, Jake the turd got Babylon 5 season 3 on DVD and plans to watch episodes without me! *wails*

(ps: he's not a turd.)

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