Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG stuff...

Pay me no mind. I'm just attempting to be organized.

Instead of reading behind the cut, you should go look at all the new pretties at PA and EMG. :)

Old Work Queue:
Nordman - Eclipse
Hallion – Star
Tyler – Shadow Flame
Knight - Sentinel Golden Dawn
Harm – Aries
Griffin – Blackberry Faery
Butcher – Dedanann
Utzinger – Tag, You're It
Boyle - Winter Storm
Nordman - A Kiss Old Friend
Harm – Scorpio
Hallion – Priest
Bird – Pheonix Fire Roosters
Knight - Storyteller
Harm - Gemini
Butcher – Godess2
Boyle - Sensing Danger
Griffin – Faery of Enlightenment
Hallion – Temperance
Tjernstrom – Winter Night
Nordman - Pixie
Harm - Capricorn
Vanin - Madrygal
Boyle - Peeking
Knight - ZymosisXeno
Utzinger – Wait For Me
Butcher – Dryad Visitor
Nordman - Aeris
Gottberg – Reaching Fairy
Hallion – Strength
Knight - Zygote3
Harm – Virgo
Utzinger – Wolf Dreams
Hallion – Hanged Man
Nordman - Lady Luck
Charlie Fowler – Autumn Cards
Butcher – Masquerade
Harm – Sagittarius
Hallion – Polar Girl
Knight - ZephyrXeno
Knight - Xeno Set
Nordman - Winged Blade
Harm - Zodiac Set
Hallion - Tarot Set
Million - Bad Snowy


Check also, Hartmans, and McConnell - What Claw Marks?


New Work Queue:
McConnell - Resourceful

(nothing gets added here until I have print files in hand.)

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