Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Worthless morning. Not worthless, I suppose, but yii. Deleted comment spam, fixed submission site, fixed more problems at PA, fixed more stuff, wrote emails and appear to have made NO dent on my inbox. Set up artists for submissions (many of them twice, thanks to my doltishness). Did a load of dishes until I ran out of water. About to go register folks for PA.

Only 800 words on yon novel so far, but at least they are 800 words I like. And the cat is happy because today I've kept the woodstove dilligently full.

Hopefully I will get another 800-900 words in, ink that darn faerywoods stuff, and then I will get some EMG entries up.

Yes indeed-y.

I plan on removing the custom cards from EMG. In the year or two they've been up, I've only sold one or two, and it's not worth the hassle. Also, it conflicts with putting the join-email-lists form in the header or footer. So. No more custom cards. Say goodbye! That's going to be my next major non-update site work.


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