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Ellen Million


Lunch time, need to go heat some food and refill the woodstove, but first! Must Blog.

Got some new EMG designs up. Finally. I still have about 48 to put up, before tomorrow, technically. Hahahahahahahaha... I made me laugh.

I'm thrilled and dreading tomorrow all at once. It's this big *milestone,* it feels like, even though it's pretty arbitrary. I get to start my novel (ideas! I'm rife with ideas!!), I get to start accepting new EMG designs to add to my list of things I haven't done, and it's Portrait Adoptions 1 year birthday!

I also need to finish the Faerywoods piece. I worked on that during my arttime this morning, and I actually like it again. I didn't for a while there, I actually hated it to pieces. But now I'm inking, and all the messies are fading away and I *like* it again. Butterflies and braids, how can you go wrong? It's due the 15th, but that includes mailtime, so I gotta get cracking.


Oooo, I made me laugh again.

Also, I have the best, most supportive, wisest and coolest friends ever. You are so amazing and say exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it most. I am shamed by my lack of commenting.

I arted a LOT this weekend, which was VERY nice. I shall go on a scanning frenzy this afternoon.

We also worked on plumbing quite a lot, and if it weren't for a large, sticky accident involving ABS glue uncapped on top of a ladder, I'd have washed dishes in my REAL sink this weekend. Unfortunately, precious glue was lost (much of it over Jake, the poor dear), so we have plumbing fit together but not glued, mocking me from underneath the sink. Maybe tonight!! It shouldn't take long, really, and all the pieces are cut. We'll let it cure overnight, so it may be tomorrow or the next day before I can use my drain.

Darn it, I need more money. EMG is doing well - best January on record, and more in sales than I was getting in a whole year not too long ago - but that's not *my* money to contribute to the household, and I've only got one partly-paid commission in my stack. Gif me your money, you fools! I'll give you delicious Ellen-art! I also need to work on my world domination plans plans to sell on eBay and update my personal site. I did add Uncovering Atlantis, at least!

Woot, hungry, lunchhour is running out!

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