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10 Years Ago...

I was a Junior in High School. (Gahh... I feel ANCIENT compared to you wet-behind-the ears 'I was 6' people.) That was possibly the coolest year I had in HS (which isn't saying a lot... HS is only actually fun if you are IN, and I was not IN.). I was in Fools (a play), with a speaking role (unheard of for me because the drama director had other favorites... I was generally cast in backup roles because my mom made rocking costumes) and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I was in the art club, in a niche, I was finally getting breasts (woah!), I had contacts instead of inch-thick glasses, I wasn't as god-awful skinny as I had been, I was skating through all of my classes, and I was in a really groovy ElfQuest holt. Wait, no... 10 years ago I was only a Sophmore. Pshaw... well, Sophmore year didn't suck, either. Much. This was also the first year I had an email address... because I was taking classes at the University (metal smithing and beginning art!!!). I was sometimes up at 5 in the morning so I could chat via email with strangers on the University system. I'm so lucky I'm wary-girl... I watched one of my friends get sucked into a relationship with an email vulture, and was just grateful she was moving away.

8 Years Ago
I was graduating from High School. I was recovering from a crippling depression following the breaking of my back, and I was fighting hand over fist to get all of the assignments done that I hadn't bothered doing the whole school semester. I think my grades were mostly pity grades. (Oh, give her an A, the poor dear... see what she's been through?) The high side of this particular year was that my business was just beginning to develop an iota of steam, and I wasn't going to have to suffer thru anymore prom-High-School-who's-cool crap.

7 Years Ago
First year in college. Met Jake, kicked ass in my classes (mostly), worked part time for a tiny business selling Alaskan fishing books via phone. Realized I hated working for other people. Continued to repair the damage and fear of cars from the accident, discovered that I didn't know anything about having a boyfriend, but that I'd picked a good one. Finally had hypolglycemia diagnosed, was ordered to gain 30 lbs. (Which I haven't, though I've really, really, really tried)

5 Years Ago
Two centuries! I couldn't believe I was that old, mostly. I was still seeing Jake, though we had a few horrible break-ups and the usual ups and downs that couples have. Began to understand him a little better, and wean myself away from dependency on parents. Got a part time job working in the machine shop. Discovered Elfwood, and was simply enchanted.

4 Years Ago
My first apartment all by myself! My previous roommate had been a fabulous friend, but she didn't like Jake, and made me choose. Bye-bye roomie. It was messier than I'd have liked. But my apartment rocked, and I got my cat, Max, and things were much easier with Jake with the old friend out of the picture. (Which she chose to be... I would have liked to have remained friends) Plans to go to Sweden, plans... plans...

3 Years Ago
Sweden! Jake and I took a student exchange to Lulea, and had a blast. We traveled Europe when we weren't studying, and made a pile of wonderful, special friends, most of whom we have sadly fallen out of touch with. There are about a hundred wonderful stories from this trip that need to be written down very badly. Like the time Jake jaywalked across the traintracks and got chewed out by some German lady threatening to fine us 300 deutchmarks. At least, that's what I think she said... my German is crummy and I was playing the stupid American card for all it was worth. No sprechen zie Deutch!

2 Years Ago
The whole millenium bug thing was a sore disappointment. I expected at least a few suicide bombers or religious cult things... come on, pander to my Hollywood-stimulated whims for world destruction.

1 Year Ago
Buying Land. 36 acres. Expansion of business, Max dies, replaced by Velcro after I'd healed a bit. Rainy summer.

This year up to this point
Scrambling to keep up with (or at least not be tooo behind with) business. Trying to sluff off responsibilities that have piled up. Eeek eek eek panicking over this whole house-building craziness.

Yesterday, I:
Actually ate enough. Got all of the catalogs FINALLY out. Except overseas addresses... I'm not sure I'm sending those for free anymore... even to repeat customers. They're expensive. Watched a movie. Scanned some stuff. Got my computer set up again, and everything seems to work. Had some difficulties juggling the half-dozen phone-jacks. (This goes to... what?)

Today, I:
Have so far eaten enough. Had a Coke. (Baaaaad Ellen) Have been pretending to work. Have been wanting to be outside in the GORGEOUS weather. Have refrained from hurtling anything across the room. However tempted. Watched Jake spit out a whole mouthful of coffee because it went down the wrong way this morning.

Tomorrow, I:
Will get the excavation for our house started!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeekkkkk!
Will eat enough.
Isn't that enough?!

Five Items I have Brand Loyalty To:
1) Coke
2) Craftsman
3) Prismacolor/Berol
4) Dell
5) Elfwood

Five Songs I know all the Words To, even without the music:
1) The first verse of nearly every Christmas song ever
2) I Will Survive
3) You Don't Own Me
4) Mysterious Ways
5) Climb to Safety

Five things I would buy with $10,000
1) Studs and sheathing
2) Roofing
3) Windows and doors
4) Plumbing
5) Oh wait, that's already more than $10,000... *sigh*

Top Five Musicians/Bands this week
1) Rusted Root
2) Widespread Panic
3) Morrison
4) Billie Holiday
5) String Cheese Incident

Top Five Locations I'd like to Run Away To
1) My land!
2) My land!
3) My land!
4) My land!
5) Canary Islands

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