Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My day...

Usual crazy day. Phone call from a disgruntled customer who said her prints hadn't arrived, then - this is great - a phone call from the FBI. Questionable commerce behavior, I'm scheduled for an interview tomorrow with someone in Pheonix. Yeah, Pheonix.

So I've got to pack today, and clean the house, and clear the fact that I'll be away for a while, and get a case for the laptop. This wouldn't be such a big problem, if I hadn't already arranged to go dancing tomorrow night, which I was very much looking forward to. The coyote said that we could reschedule, of course, but I hate to disappoint him.

The very kind neighbor with the owl in his kitchen said that I should try to appeal the interview, and gave me a cellphone I could call with. The number I had to contact the FBI, however, was busy all day.

Flights were booked, of course, so I've had to arrange for an eagle flight, which makes me terribly irritable; they never serve meals on those flights, and the turbulance can be awful. That, and you do end up with feathers in the most ridiculous places. I have to go coach, too, which means being crammed in the back with the mice and the sheep.

Dear heavens, the expense. Fortunately, the FBI is covering everything. (They wouldn't pay for first class, the cheap bastards.)

And that was my day down the rabbit hole...

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