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(More 'Thinking like Leonardo' Exercises.)

The most influential events in my life include:

Breaking my back - this one changed my entire outlook on pain and mortality, gave me a frightful sense of immediacy and longevity and made me appreciate what I have and forced me to do the most with it.

Eye surgery - scared the crap out of me. Certainly made me appreciate my sight and the modern days we live in. Scared me away from drugs for the rest of HS.

Meeting Jake - I knew he was the person I'd been waiting for. (And scared the bejeebuz out of him when I told him that on our second date...) He's my balance.

Studying abroad - Sweden isn't hugely different from Alaska... it's sort of the Alaska of Europe in a lot of ways. But those subtle differences sure opened my eyes to the possibilities of other cultures.

Travelling Norway with two Aussies, Jake and a New Yorker - How much fun can you cram into 10 days?! This sort of can be lumped in with the above, since it was the same big trip. The rest of Europe can go here, too.

Quitting my job and going on a three week mega-vacation - This could be broken up. But the event was sort of a whole... I didn't quit and then go on vacation in my head, just went on vacation and never went back to work. Again, much culture awareness, much needed understanding of me-time and relaxing.

Graduating - I didn't give a spit for my degree by the time I graduated, but it was important to do, proved I could, and gave me the pay increase that makes that difference between being able to quit and not being able to quit later.

Moving to Alaska - I'm so shaped by where I grew up that it's hard to leave this out, even though I don't actually remember much of anything about it.

Edit: Huh. It's pretty interesting that I didn't list 'starting EMG' on the first go-round. Maybe I don't consider that an 'event,' just something I had to do...

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