Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My back is *killing* me. Upper back, which is good, and not as bad as it was last night - I did way too much yesterday, between carrying wood, water and shovelling snow. Bad Ellen. Deserves pain.

I've got seven new designs up at EMG. Yay! I also got about a billion (okay, maybe just a hundred) emails answered and/or sorted, which I needed to do painfully. Still need to do more in a bad way.

Also arted, and if you signed up for the WIP filter and don't see Autumn, lemme know.

Also made a yummy lunch with french onion potatoes, pork loins, bulgar and lime water. Mmm...

Also... um... I made lists! And plugged in my car, 'cause I gotta drive into town and fill orders still. Jake has hockey tonight, so I'm working a little late to get caught up on stuff.

Also! Also! I have nothing else.

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