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Real Life is Fun

My weekend rocked.

I had no computer, it's in the shop to get that video card fixed, and apparently a fan that blew out, too. And I didn't miss it once. Not once. I swear the Internet is as mind-sucking, addictive and frivolous as television.

It was 80 degrees, blue and deliciously sunny. I got the kitchen cleaned, all of our gross over-due laundry washed, and all of the bills paid.

I also did some of the best artwork I've done in a long time, sitting on the steps in the sun topless. There is nothing as wonderful as sunlight on skin that hasn't seen the stuff in 8 or 9 months (which would be /all/ of my pasty white skin). :P I haven't been able to scan yet (see above lack of computer). And I did it for me. ME! It was great. I feel relaxed and refreshed.

Velcro has mixed reactions to Outside. She doesn't like leaves, so she doesn't wander off the porch much, but she really, really likes bugs and the chasing of. I, on the other hand, do not appreciate them. I particularly did not appreciate picking stinkbugs off of the underwear that was hanging on the clotheslines last night. *shudders* I hate stinkbugs. I especially hate picking them off of my bras.

Did I mention that it was SUNNY?! I've missed warmth so much! Our thermometer in the sun said 106 at one point on Saturday, too hot even for mosquitoes! I may even be a tenth of a shade darker than ivory white. The populous of Fairbanks braved a whole lot of stubbly white legs over the weekend, and Hot Licks (best ice cream I've /ever/ had) did very brisk business.

Hanna is coming a week from today. She was so sweet to us when we were in Amsterdam, I'm really glad we're going to be able to return the hospitality. And the Saturday after that, Whitney and Ron are going to meet us (Hanna, hubby and I) near Healy and we're going to take the bus into Denali park. I haven't taken the bus in since... well... it's been /years/. It's going to be a blast. Hanna will be staying until the 4th of June.

Got an email from an old penpal from my QO days. It's rather interesting to hear from her. She actually started her own business like EMG (which felt an awful lot like betrayal at the time because I had cheerfully told her how I'd started out and stuff... I've gotten past that, long since, and gotten over that instinctive 'hoard what you learn' nonsense that came with it), but hasn't kept it active. She wants to start her own webpage now, and has asked for my 'experienced' advice. *dies laughing* My best advice: do lots of things wrong.

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