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Press Release and stuff...

Yo! Anyone here who's participated in EMG or PA (and participated can be used pretty loosely, really) who would like their glowing words of praise quoted in a press release? It's *hard* writing 'I'm so cool' so many times without sounding totally lame and full of myself. Help? Email me or post below or smoke signal me or something with your positive EMG experiences. (Or negative, 'cause I'd like to know.)

Also, I have finalized the remaining EMG designs to be posted. At least, the ones that I can identify, that are print quality... if you have had work accepted and you don't see yourself on the list, there is a PROBLEM, please contact me. Believe me, I would not suddenly decide I didn't want to use your work and not tell you. I love my artists. I put them in boxes and give them names and hug them.

I must be feeling silly today. :)

53 entries to post in 1 day. I can do that! Piece-a cake! pfffffffffffffff... I'm almost entirely caught up on PA, and I've only got that one order that I didn't have an address for to get out. Woot!

Hallion – Judgement
Harm – Leo
Griffin – The Sun
Utzinger – Kelpie Lake
Knight – Trickster Moon
Butcher - Lynadia
Stuckey - The Diamond Rose
Harm – Libra
Hallion – Ocean Goddess
Tjernstrom – What Dying Echoes Bring
Bamblett – Transcendental Consciousness
Cooper-Taylor – Bone Dragon
Carbajal – Learning Fun
Harm – Taurus
Griffin – The Moon
Griffin – Sun and Moon
Mingo – Pheonix Flight
Vanin - Dimitri
Wetzel – SongGryphon Dreams
Hallion – High Priestess
Stuckey - Isowen
Harm - Cancer
Butcher – Arabian Nights
Griffin - Asherah
Hallion – Hermit
Utzinger – Lady Bug
Harm – Aquarius
Boyle - Request at the Ice Dragon's Lair
Knight - Fires Over Zion
Vanin - Rose and Dagger
Bamblett – Stationery Fae
Carbajal – Angelical
Butcher – Mocking Fae
Knight - Beast Within
Harm – Pisces
Boyle - Trapped
Utzinger – Fairy Cats

Nordman - Eclipse
Hallion – Star
Tyler – Shadow Flame
Knight - Sentinel Golden Dawn
Harm – Aries
Griffin – Blackberry Faery
Butcher – Dedanann
Utzinger – Tag, You're It
Boyle - Winter Storm
Nordman - A Kiss Old Friend
Harm – Scorpio
Hallion – Priest
Bird – Pheonix Fire Roosters
Knight - Storyteller
Harm - Gemini
Butcher – Godess2
Boyle - Sensing Danger
Griffin – Faery of Enlightenment
Hallion – Temperance
Tjernstrom – Winter Night
Nordman - Pixie
Harm - Capricorn
Vanin - Madrygal
Boyle - Peeking
Knight - ZymosisXeno
Utzinger – Wait For Me
Butcher – Dryad Visitor
Nordman - Aeris
Gottberg – Reaching Fairy
Hallion – Strength
Knight - Zygote3
Harm – Virgo
Utzinger – Wolf Dreams
Hallion – Hanged Man
Nordman - Lady Luck
Charlie Fowler – Autumn Cards
Butcher – Masquerade
Harm – Sagittarius
Hallion – Polar Girl
Knight - ZephyrXeno
Knight - Xeno Set
Nordman - Winged Blade
Harm - Zodiac Set
Hallion - Tarot Set

Also Check: Boyle's, Hartman's and Nordman's. What Claw Marks? Bad Snowy,

*Images Made
**Images Made and Shopping Cart coded

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