Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some filters...

Spent the morning arting and cleaning, and in three minutes, my lunch will be over (pork loins with hollandaise sause and curly noodles!) and I get to update various webpages.

But I have three minutes!

So, I want to set up a few filters, and I want to know who wants to be on what...

Filters I will have:

Art in-progress. (I hate cluttering friendspages with allllll those posts, so opt into this one... I'll still post significant progress publically, but not the nitty gritty itsy bitsy steps. Also, you will be sworn to secrecy, as I will be posting some private/portrait adoption work)

Writing in-progress. Various scenes, blurbs, roughs, um... stuff.

TMI. Frank discussion. Really frank. Waaaaaaaaaay more frank than I would be publically.

And please, if you don't mind, state in plain English that you do not intend to share, distribute or quote anything I post under those filters. Mocking is fine. Input is *greatly* appreciated. I can take criticism.

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