Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


So, reading the discontent-ed-ness with eBay these days (not a particularly new thing in general, but the newest gripe being the store price increase...), what would folks think of a non-eBay auction service that was *only* aimed at fantasy art? Are your eBay customers, as far as you know, random eBay enthusiasts who like the fact that eBay also has bicycles and used clothing? Or are they *your* enthusiasts, and would they follow you to a site that isn't so... um... hugely corporate? Or are they fantasy art enthusiasts in general, that would appreciate a smaller, more on-topic auctionhouse?

The idea of a PA auction site had been proposed some time ago, and this is the logical extension of that.

I've got plenty on my plate, so this is not a terribly *serious* train of thought... but the idea intrigues me and I'd like to see what others thought.

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