Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To do and an annoying phone call...


~Price commissions
~Fill EMG orders
~Fill PA orders
~Get rid of away message on services
~Update FAQ
~Write 1000 words
~Emails - 20 at least
~laundry (about 6 loads...)
~Atlantis-themed art (deadline HAS been moved to Feb1, but sooner is much, much better for exposure... set personal deadline of next Tuesday.)
~Companions Grove illo
~Go to Michaels, buy earring findings, wire?, t-shirts, white eraser


~Update PA
~Update EMG
~Return Cabela's order (find returns form)

Got Auto Club telemarketted yesterday, and had to lever the chic off the phone with a crowbar. "I don't need auto insurance," I said. "And I don't purchase anything from telemarketers."

"Oh, this isn't insurance, this is a auto club," the ditz at the other end tells me. "In case you need a tow, or lock your keys in your car."

"My insurance covers that."

"Oh, but you have to pay up front, right?"

"I don't know, I've never had to use it."

"Oh, you're so lucky! *giggle* I lock my keys in the car once a week."

(That crashing sound you hear is my opinion of this woman hurtling to the ground as she continues her automatic spiel...)

Finally - "Look, I'm not interested and I don't buy anything from anyone who calls me. Thanks. Have a nice day..."


Alright, enough free time! To work go I!

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