Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


What I wrote:

Hi {name removed to protect the slim possibility of innocence},

Thank you for your interest in Portrait Adoption!

There's just one problem with your description here: the minimum submitted description fee is $15, and you entered .50.

If it was a typo, just let me know what you meant it to be, and I'll get this up for our artists to work on right away.

Be well,
Ellen Million

What I didn't write:

And if it's not a typo, what a fabulous, original joke. I'm sure that the three seconds of amusement you garnered was well worth the time I wasted answering your submission and dealing with your dumbass prank in the professional manner that it did not deserve. Thank you for channelling my energy in a totally unnecessary direction. May voracious insects lay their young under your skin.

Be well,
Ellen Million

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