Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


While I was away, the mice did indeed come play at my personal site... I've been comment spammed! Twenty - literally - nonsense comments on EACH piece with links to on-line gambling. Bastards.

Whelp, I was considering cutting off comments there anyway, since perhaps two people have deigned to leave remarks there anyway. Good excuse to make it so. (done)

Must not get distracted updating and re-designing that until I've got some other EMG stuff out of the way, primarily: paying artists. Today's the day! Woo! Got everything I need, and I don't imagine it will take more than a few hours. Horrah. And, somewhat to my surprise, EMG has plenty of money to cover all of it. A bunch of matted prints sold at Kristen's, and some cards, while I was gone, so that was a nice little influx, and I got the checks from my credit card proxy for the pre-Christmas sales, which was Very Nice. Not as nice as some years thanks to leaving early, but still quite a chunk. I could do the year-long advertising package at Epilogue if I decided that was the way to go - though frankly, I'm not real impressed with them right now. I'm thinking a Wet Canvas sponsorship may be the better way to spend that money. (Half that money, no less) (I think I'm still nervous about the previous year's huge year-end t-shirt purchases that made paying artists empty the reserves...)

I have to sit on my hands not to go buy the Epson 4000... but I don't know many artists who work large enough to make that worthwhile, and I should beef up what I've got going before spreading myself out more. Also, I have no room for it.

Okay, having talked myself off that rooftop, it's back to work again!!

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