Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

First Day Back...

Well, okay, we've been back since 2 AM yesterday morning, but yesterday was entirely consumed in getting our house and driveway back from the snow and figuring out which direction was up.

The morning I spent deleting emails. Not really answering them, though one or two got dealt with, and I did turn off my autoresponder, just sorting them into 'orders to be filled,' 'followup needed' (135! Yikes...) or 'trash.' I'll plug away at that in my admin time next week. EMG doesn't technically open until the 12th, and I think I can get caught up by then. Seeing as I don't have a day job to go to.

I have to keep reminding myself. I have this deep-seating belief that I'm just back from vacation and only have a couple more days before it's back to the workin'-for-the-man grind.

Anywho, this afternoon, I sat down and worked on the outline for a novel and a sketch for a fairy-art contest. I like the sketch, though it wasn't easy and it wasn't what my muse really wanted to work on (Kaz smut!? Shut up, brain!). I think I can make it work, and I've started refining the figure and some of the details. There's a very vague area in the lower left, and I need to use a ruler to define some of the spaces I'll need for text. But I'm not unhappy with it. No sir.

Got 600 words of outline done, which isn't very hot, and I'm not very happy with the resolution. I can't seem to make it a *happy* ending, and I'm quite sure that I'm not a good enough writer to get away with attempting a not-happy ending to my very first book. That just... isn't done. I'm sure the writing police would take me away in handcuffs.

I was laying out my things to write, and it rather puzzled me to discover that horoscopes and articles for Woodworks won't be on that list any longer. There's another item I haven't accepted the loss of. (Epitome I'm not holding my breath on...)

Well, I'm off to try my hand at one of the PA submitted Descriptions, and then my husband comes home with my much, much-missed cat and we get to bake pizza in our wonderful kitchen. I love being home.

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