Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Last Safeway Salad

I'm just full of 'lasts' and 'countdowns' and 'finals' today. :)

Today's probably the last time I eat at the Safeway salad bar... I don't plan on making it over to this end of town often and the salad bar at the other end of town sucks.

Hey! They're making ice art out of my design! That's quite cool...

The last couple of years at Design Alaska I designed an ornament for the holiday concert and the design goes on about 800 ornaments that are handed out to concert-goers and DA employees. This year, they're carving it in a HUGE block of ice in front of the building. It's not a remarkable design, just a clarinet with some music bars around it... I was told to draw a clarinet and I just did what I could. (Long, skinny instrument with teensy details that are too fine to reproduce... and make it fill a circle. And no holly or wreaths. Um...)

Anyway, I'll take some photos. :)

8.5 hours!!! Yay!!!

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