Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Volume 4 is Da Bomb.

Syl gets a lot of credit for helping to put this one together (I mean, way beyond the fact that she's ya know, the artist...)! It looks fantastic, much slicker and more deliberate than the previous volumes. Like it was *planned* to be printed this way.

The very astute may notice in a few minutes that I'm raising the price on the previous volumes, because I hadn't priced them at all intelligently. New to this publishing thing, I am. Losing my shirt, I was. And I wasn't really at market value at all. These are gorgeous things, and as much as I like to be affordable and stuff, I'm not printing hundreds at a run, and I just can't afford to be selling dirt cheap when I'm not printing dirt cheap. And don't worry, Syl gets a healthy chunk out of the price increase, so your money isn't going to my trip to Grenada or anything. (Actually, EMG has never paid me a cent. It's paid for my laptop and printer of course, but every dollar EMG makes stays utterly, entirely separate from my spending money. I haven't even ever paid myself artist fees. Even my tablet came out of my work wages. Watch me flounder around trying desparately to justify charging a reasonable price for a beautiful product. I'm such a goon...)

Anyway, to sum, Wish3 Volume 4 = Very Awesome. I will be posting it for sale in a few here and will edit to include a link. Stay tuned!
Edit: Did you stay tuned? Or did you wander off to find a station that wasn't playing commercials? Anywho, Volume 4 is up: HERE

And ye GODS do I detest dialup...

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