Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fun, fun, fun!!

Ooh, I don't care if this isn't even in the running for Spectrum or if it's crazy to think I can finish it in 10 days. I'm having SO much fun with this piece.

Got orders gallore out today. Horrah. Fixed webpage (removed t-shirt sale). Tried to buy a down vest, but the store had vests that were too big or lime green. I also was appalled to find that they were selling for $125. I mean... $125?! Sheesh...

May finally have Wish3 under control... and I've got Vol4 in to the printer. I pick it up Monday, and I'm going to give it a thorough check-through before I post it on the webpage. I feel like I was WAY too sloppy and rushed getting the first three volumes out and have had guilt over that since day one. This one already looks better, and the new editions of the first three are vastly improved. (Picking these up on Mon, too)

Ren - got your shirts made and your order just about ready to go, will email you that total tomorrow. :)

It's finally getting cold! It's supposed to be as cold as 25 below this weekend. Probably won't get that cold up here, though... it's always milder in the hills. Tomorrow, we're going snowshoeing. :) And I will update PA and EMG and enjoy the few hours of sunlight. Sci fi in the evening, and it should be a very nice day.

And then... my very last week of work.

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