Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdays and stuff...

Man, it has been a stinker of a season in terms of sales. Print services has been hopping (yay diversity), but sales through the storefront? pfff... I haven't taken a hard look at the numbers, but I think it's about half as good as last year at this time. And last year was slim compared to the year before. I haven't *felt* like the economy is as horrible this year... my LJ friends haven't moaned as loudly about not finding jobs (indeed, many of them have picked up really super jobs!), but fellow vendors at shows have griped about a lack of sales and the Con reports I've followed haven't been real positive. Meh.

I still gotta wonder if I've done something wrong. Too many designs to wade through now? Is the site too slow? Hopefully the t-shirt sale will attract a few sales. Maybe I'll put up grab bags again, too... those were popular and I love making them. Maybe things will just pick up a little towards the end. Leaving for vacation is starting to stress me. Wishing, not for the first time, that there were someone around to leave the business with for three weeks. Next year, I hope!

At any rate, plowing through on various things again. Got 7 or eight EMG designs up yesterday, and a few PA designs, plus four in the claim site.

Might not open submissions until March... I absolutely MUST get all the designs I have in the queue up before I start accepting new work. I want a three-day turnaround, not an eight-month turnaround. That's just... ridiculous and embarrassing. Yeah.

Okay, I'm done yakking.

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