Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Goals for the week!

~Setup and announce T-shirt sale (won't include girly shirts, sorry... no girly shirts until next year)
~Finish re-re-laying Wish3 Vol 1-3
~Layout Wish3 Vol 4 (should be easy... not reinventing the wheel this time :))
~Get Pirates CB, Fairies CB and Wish3 Vol 4 in particular up on the web.
~Get 15 EMG designs up - 13 down
~Get 15 PA designs up - 16 down!
~Write requesting the emg.com domain
~Post adopted work and get template ready to go for adopted gallery
~Figure out pricing for the hosted storefronts (must do that early in the week! Sorry for the delay, Karen!)
~Work. Have Wed and Thurs afternoon and Friday off.*
~Fill any orders that come in
~Take new framed prints to Kristen's for retail - delayed until next week
~Babysit for an hour Thursday afternoon
~Friday: Almond and Raspberry pie on sale outside of JoAnn's!!!
~Paint the floor this weekend.

Today's busywork:
~Mail packages
~Package t-shirt order and mail
~Buy t-shirts (and embroidery floss) at Michaels
~Pick up prescription, big disc book, canned air and groceries

*Fortunately, work has been pretty slow recently, and they haven't whined a bit when I ask for my two days a week off. Those poor sorry bastards... my coworker Craig (who's been there nearly as long as I but not quite) is going away for three months starting the same day I'm leaving. That leaves precisely ONE drafter who's only been here 3 months. hahahahahahaha! I mean, poor guy.

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