Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Getting back into the steam of things, and think I've bucked the seasonal/overwhelmed/darkeness-eating-my-brain thing I was suffering last week. Back still hurts, but if I think about it just right, I can convince myself it's just sort of hot, not really hurting.

This weekend was very productive. More than a dozen EMG designs up, lots of emails written (though not enough!!!), some PA art and artists up, some organization done, some cleaning done and a healthy does of art time which led to Actually Finishing a piece. In color. The last piece I finished in color was... was... um... The Peacock Fairy, I think? What was that, March? Geez. And I wasn't real pleased with it, so nyah.

I've also fixed up the services site, so that I can get Ursula's Digger Shirts up, and next in that list is Watergazer's stuff. (Need to get the rest of those images up still, or I'd link to it. There's also still a test graphic or two mucking with things right now....)

I would like to sideline and work on getting the girly-cut shirts available, but am too aware that I'm running out of time, and that will have to wait until January.

'Sides, I've got bunches of the regular white shirts to get rid of still. Have worked through about half that huge batch I bought, but that's still a lot of t-shirts left! Perhaps it's time for a sale... Hmm!! It would be SUPER easy to make a PayPal/mailorder sale... the credit card wouldn't be so easy, but it's not such a good deal for me anyway... I think I must do so.

Next up, I've GOT to get the new coloring books up, and more general work.

Tonight, orders. A bunch of little card and coloring book orders came in over the weekend, and I've got a print order to package. Plus some t-shirts to mail. And I'm probably forgetting something... *ponders*

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