Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Pep Talk

I need a pep talk, and rather than waiting for someone to show up and give me one, I'm giving myself one.

Alright, Ellen, listen up!

I know that the darkness is getting to you. I know your back hurts and you've got a lot of work to do and it's scary and hard. I know that you're feeling really guilty about some of your projects and it all feels very overwhelming and difficult. Things have been going wrong, a lot of them, but in the big scope of things, your life is still great.

Remember that, you ungrateful sod!

You've got a great husband who loves you and will scold you if you're bad to yourself, a cat who will scold you for not loving her, and you're quitting your day job in a month!! You have beautiful land, a lovely (if half-built) house, a body that usually doesn't fail you, your vision and enough of a nest egg that you're quitting your day job in a month!

Even your day job is great... you get to do graphics-y stuff and set your own hours, and everyone's nice to you. As jobs go, it's a great one, and even then, you're quitting in a month to pursue an honest-to-god dream!

You aren't a loser or a slacker, you just have to work smarter and be more focused when you're working, and then remember to take time to unwind. It's just fine that you spent last night alternating ice and heat and reading an entire fluffy Mercedes Lackey novel. More than fine, that was great of you! Go you!

Sure, you've got a lot to do between now and mid-December. A staggering amount. A flattening amount. A scary, huge, unwieldy heap of work. But you've pulled off things like this before, and you'll do it again. Just schedule smart, work hard when you're working, play hard when you're playing and be good to your body. Plan well, get rid of the things that don't belong.

It was hard to give up gaming for the rest of the year, but you'll be glad you did that, too. And they won't hate you or not want you to come back in January. I hope.

You've got a nice vacation coming up, and when you come back, you'll actually have lots and lots of time to work on the things that you love.

Just a little bit further to go, and you can do it. You can. I know it.

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