Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Been a rollercoaster of a week...

However, I have some distant hope of getting some catchup done.

Broke the print services site, and wasted spent a lot of time fixing that. No easy fix, it just won't work the way I want. Even asked at the expert board, and the answer was 'oh, the variables are just buggy and hit and miss with connected files.' *sigh* Rats! I'll have to do it the half-assed way that I didn't want to. Or think of something else that's clever. Oo... like switching the subject to be the thumbnail and not listing the other variables? Only three entries to futz with right now, so it wouldn't be like changing over EMG at this point. (LORD, wouldn't THAT suck...) Shall have to muck. Already half done with my workload today, so I might have time at work.

Patched a misunderstanding over with one of our neighbors in 100% Disney fashion last night and made a good show at the borough meeting. They still rezoned OR instead of OSB, but after listening to dozens of people testify, I feel much, much better that NOONE wants a developed park. Jake did a fantastic job speaking.

Still awfully frustrated with Wish3, but I'm just going to have to buckle down and put in another day or three of work into it.

Will have to send in my RWH calendar plate as it is, even though I'm not real happy with it, because my next window of art opportunity (with computer access) is... not in sight.

Care package for Whit (back surgery! Eek!)
Print order for AA
Print order for KM
Card order
T-shirt for Janice (tonight!!!)
Order more girly shirts... have orders for some of 'em.
MEASURE girly shirts
Scan DWB logo
Pricelist for print services
Put up some EMG work
(FORGOT the stupid PA file I needed, AGAIN.)

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