Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Very Random Rambles

Had a much, much better night last night. Instead of lying awake for hours and hours, I woke up at 5:30 this morning quite certain I had not so much as twitched all night. Rolled over, cuddled with the husband and slept another hour and a half. Delicious. Weird dreams about a jeans delivery service, but really great sleep, nonetheless.

Back feels moderately better this morning but still very stressed and sore. I have every intension of buying a full spectrum light of some sort today. Would be nice to get something that will clip to my drafting table.

We rearranged again this weekend, and our living space is much, MUCH nicer. Jake and I traded shelves, which we badly needed to do. I was using a deep hutch for my books and art supplies and had to stack them two-deep; it was just the wrong shape. He was using a shallow hutch for his clothing, and everything stuck out the front. Hey, we're bright people, really. Just takes us a few years on some subjects...

So now I have bookshelves of an appropriate height and depth, and he's got clothing storage that actually fits his clothing. I also have a shiny new armoir, with doors to cover my mess, hanging space that I don't have to SHARE, and big, deep shelves for my big woolly sweaters. Yay! The bedroom is much more open and pretty to look at.

Tonight I get to go to the borough commission planning meeting thingy with Jake. They want to re-zone the 400 acres next to us and we need to be involved so they don't decide to put a huge lighted parking lot up next to our land. I think this could be a good thing; having 400 acres of trails out our back door is really not the end of the world. Property values going up could be a problem, but not an insurmountable one.

Got the Wish3 disc dropped off. Pick 'em up tonight. Dark Elves calendar will be dropped off at that time. Have to order more girly shirts... hmm.. I think I owe renatus an answer to a comment that I tried to answer and got timed out on. Must check on that.

Speaking of shirts, they did VERY well at the bazaar this weekend. Definitely a good move. Need a better t-shirt display now.

Two new designs up over at EMG this morning. Forgot the stupid files I need for the next adoption piece to go up.

Switching to Firefox at work was one of the best things I've done in a Loooong time.

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