Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Day in a nutshell

After much, MUCH struggle with file errors and Windows freak-outs (apparently centered around just a few weird tif files...), I finished the conversion and complete new layout of all the first three volumes of Wish3. Yi. Volume 4 should be easier. (Not your fault, Syl! The extras just disagreed with my 'puter for some reason... didn't have these issues elsewhere!)

Working on the calendar now, and wishing I could find the workaholic switch so I could go sit on the couch with some icepacks instead. It's almost 9 and I've been working intensively since 8.

Got a ton of PA pieces up, thanks in large part to the fact that I took some time to train up a couple of volunteers and they dove right in and helped out in a big way. Well worth the 30 minutes it took to get organized and start them out. Wish I could figure a way to do the same with EMG... oh well, the programs I'm working on with dad will help nail out a lot of this. Seriously considering an EMG forum like PA's... it's been a tremendous help getting questions answered by other folks and building up energy and enthusiasm.

Didn't do any of the rest of the stuff on my list. Hm. Also didn't get into town, because I was still working on those wish3 files when the reason I would have gone in (the copyshop) had already closed. Shall drop them off early-ish tomorrow and hope for a calendar proof by closing. Shouldn't be impossible. Monday I must look into certified copies....

Did not get through emails today like I wanted to. *cries* What I really need is a secretary... or just more hours in the day....

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