Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Woo! Just finished my work for the day and have time to kill. Yay!

Need to send an update to my lists today, finish the Wish3 pdfs, finish the calendar and drop it off for printing, and get the rest of the t-shirt order out. Oh, and dang, there are some emails to write. *cracks knuckles* Can do!

Oh, and I want to get chiro-ed, 'cause I really need it and I'm sure that didn't help my head yesterday...

EDIT: Appointment to be crack-poppled tomorrow afternoon. Excellent!

Having LJ difficulties posting replies to comments, so it's not that I'm ignoring you or didn't appreciate your comment, just that after four times trying to post my reply, I give up.

Very behind at PA again... and EMG updating...

I'm not impressed, people. And I don't mean about the outcome. I mean about the post-election grousing. Just because 'your guy' didn't win, doesn't mean 'our country sucks' 'everyone who voted for the other guy sucks' 'the whole world sucks and everyone's stupid' or we're going to be under marital law next week. If you don't like the results, fine, say that. I'd understand. But don't get all freaked out and start making huge generalities about people who don't happen to agree with you and have every right not to. Be reasonable, eh? Take the higher ground, and learn to live with disappointment instead of throwing little temper tantrums because things don't go your way.


Standard disclaimer, yeah, I know it's your LJ and you can cry if you want to. I can too, and I can't stand it when people blindly spew out personal insults in frustration and become unreasonable in the face of adversity.

Off to do stuff!!

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