Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It would be a lot easier to stay on top of things and get stuff done if people would do what they agree to do. Or not agree to do it!

Gar! (And yes, this is a new subject unrelated to the ones that prompted last week's snarky post. Same song, second verse, doesn't get better, it only gets worse...)

Oh well. Doesn't help that I frittered yesterday evening. I'm going to have to be more on the ball than ever, that's all. Ought to cancel on gaming tonight to work, but I need my art and social fix.

Looks like a slow day at work... a slow week, even! I have Friday off, and Thursday, Wed afternoon. It's been a lifesaver that we haven't had huge project deadlines in a while. I've done most of my day's tasks already (yay!), so I should be able to update yon webpages a bit. *crossing fingers*

Dad's writing me a program to automate a bunch of the entry stuff I need done. That's going to be awesome.


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