Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

to do and done

~Dark Elves calendar, layout and advertise.
~add three EMG pieces - two!
~add 1 PA piece - doesn't the Dark Elves calendar count??

~move Fred
~move drafting table

Did extensive house rearranging. The kitchen is 100% moved, and it's nice having it on one level again. We rescued some shelving from the snow and set it up in the basement and put down the big circular rug from my parents in the kitchen. We even put the plant of the fridge and hung some art over the fusebox. It looks... like a house. A real house.

Friday night I made grab bags for the show I decided not to do today. I'm just beat, and the stuff we did today really needed to be done. And the weekend before election is unlikely to be a hot seller. I have a show next weekend, so the grab bags won't go to waste. And they were SO fun to put together. I love the craftsy end of the business.

Doodled a little today, nothing major. Wrote a short, short, silly story for Kaz. If my back didn't feel so horrid, I'd work with my tablet now, but I think I'll take a Doan's PM and go to bed, instead.

Need to go see the chiro still. In a bad way.

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