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My back was killing me last night. Jake and I went out on our land anyway, and measured our house-spot (have to take down a few more trees than we thought), and decided on a direction for the driveway. It's an iterative proccess, so we'll be looking at it again tonight to see if we still like it. I wore my backbrace, but was still plenty glad to come home and collapse.

I didn't get much done the rest of the night; I have a pile of emails to deal with, and only got one answered. I took some Aleve and drew for a while, until Jake told me I looked really uncomfortable and took my sketchbook away. We played gin for a while (he beat the socks off of me), and talked about house related things. We sat for a while on the back porch, too. It's finally sunny again! I was so afraid it was going to be a nasty rainy summer like last year, when all of our potatoes were small and stunted and seeing patches of blue sky was an occasion to mark on the calendar. Usually we have such lovely summers; blue skies, warm weather, afternoon thundershowers and almost no humidity. There's a smell the woods gets... this warm, green, fruity smell like nowhere else I've ever been that was missing all of last year, and yesterday, finally, I smelled it again.

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