Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

That dreaded list

~EMAILS. Back up above 100, dammit.
~PA, add new claim pieces, email claim clients, add new regular pieces. Really, really need to do this.
~EMG, add a few new general pieces. Start ad campaigns again.
~Wish3 automations.
~try not to grouse about People Who Make Promises and Commitments and even Vague Assurances and then Completely Fall Through, leaving me ready to Tear my Hair Out in Frustration. (not you. Well, probably not you... Certainly not JUST you.) I tried!
~consolidate student loans (damn, no printer here!)
~call about goddamn freezer (have to fax receipts again)
~book hotel in San Deigo (waiting for Jake to see the one I picked)

Near-random capitalization brought to you by a long history of reading too many Regency romances...

Also, I am SO heartily sick of politics I could puke. I don't even want to listen to the radio anymore. I am so not voting party lines this year (not that I usually do). I am voting for the few remaining candidates who haven't alienated and appalled me by their vicious, mis-leading, sensationalist ads. I am voting for people who give me any sense of hope for humanity. That eliminates nearly all of my presidential candidates (yes, I will probably vote for Nater... charisma of a clam, but I think he'd do right by the country, which is more than I can say for my other choices).

Man, I'm in a rather bad mood, apparently.

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