Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

New EMG work!

Three new designs and two new artists over at EMG! A big warm welcome to Karl Nordman and Jacqueline Collen-Tarolly.

Busy day at work, too... lots of DCVRs to draft, and the presentation board that S is breathing down my neck over.

I worked a little on the on-demand storefront stuff, on the side. It's up over here if you want a sneak preview.

Tonight, gaming! Which means, art! Yay! I may stop and pick up my own dinner, though. We order chinese Every Single Time (since Jeffrey's on the Atkins diet and is allergic to chicken, seafood and something else, that means he can eat like three things in the whole world...) and that gets old. Maybe I'll stop at KFC. I lovelovelove fried chicken.

Mmm... chicken...

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