Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Alright, muse! You 'n I are going to have a little discussion about timeliness. As in, don't give me ideas when I'm at work with no time, and don't poop out on me when I have an hour or two for art! Fickle bitch...

Seriously beat this morning; Jake had food poisoning in the middle of last night and that kept us up more hours than is pleasant on an early Monday morning.

Arted quite a bit (for me) this weekend and loved it. My tablet is da bomb. I have some of the coolest toys ever. Even if that's all I ever get out of EMG, I'll be happy. Cool laptop, awesome tablet (though actually, EMG didn't pay for that goodie...), skookum heat press, amazing printer... love love love!

It's been snowing often since Friday, and I had about 8 inches to push off my car this morning. Thick, wet snow, but at least it's cold enough now; about 25 this morning and not likely to get above freezing for a long while now.

We got the kitchen cabinets up yesterday, and have moved nearly all of our kitchen downstairs. It will be SO nice not having our kitchen bits split between two levels. Stairs are a little hard on me. And boy, do they look nice. They're huuuuge! They go all the way up to the ceiling (8'), so I'll need a stool to get to the top shelves. Our house is terribly tall-centric. The windows are high, the ceilings are high (compared to the squat little cabins and short apartments I've lived in before), the counters are high, the stairs are steep... we'd have difficulty reselling to short people. :P

Got some PA pieces up, and one's been adopted already. Need to get the rest of the Nijehm and Ailis pictures up and email the submitter. Forgot the discs I need to get more PA or EMG work up, like a moron.

Sooooooooo behind on emails. Miserably behind. Horribly behind. And it crashes like clockwork at work, so I have no motivation to work on it here. Got some done on Friday, and a few more scattered ones picked up on Sunday, but the bulk of the drudgery is still before me.

To work! Fun graphics stuff today!

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