Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Skipped gaming due to snow and now I have zero entries left to add.

I'm just not quite sure to do with myself.

*waves a little flag* Yay...

Things left to do on the webpage:

~gift certificates, make it an entry, change footer link.
~ditch guestbook... it gets more spam now than anything else.
~check artist-info links... I'm pretty sure at least Jennie's doesn't work. The rest might be okay.
~Link to new services page.
~Update artist guidelines page.
~More comprehensive news bite.
~Multipages on the subject link thingys.

Not crucial for going public:
~Add comment form to services page for getting password for upload.emg.com
~Add new work.
~Get authorpage thingy going so that I can launch shopping cart services in time for folks to get Christmas orders. (soooooooooo close now....)
~In place of guestbook, replace with a 'select comments' page and comb emails for good raves.
~Start amping up ad campaigns... text ads at deviantart.com, keenspot banner ad, maybe quizilla text ads, reopen google adwords campaigns, see if Epilogue will give me the same deal as last year... they were going to raise their prices to something I was unwilling to pay, but I never checked to see if they did. Start this after the page has been out a while in case errors are caught. By Nov 1 would be good...
~Put notice of vacation in news so folks shop early.
~Decide on any sales... coloring book sets? t-shirts (got a fair chunk of those white ones left)? mousepad? Orders over a certain value?

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