Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The post office hates me and delights in my paaaaain!

No tablet. No comics or books. No corner edgers. No hat and scarf. No soap. Nothing but BILLS and political crap. Rargh!

Printing like a madwoman and the heat press is all hot and ready to go for another round of finger-burning t-shirt pressing. (Note to self, buy spatula...)

First salad, then t-shirt pressing.

My new office space is... spacious. Luxurious. I can roll my chair back far enough to get out of it *comfortably* (ie: not contorting over one of the arms awkwardly because I have three inches of clearance with the chair's pushed into the desk...). I can have a stack of t-shirts cool flat, not be draped over a handy printer or unstable pile of paper.

Every so often I remember that I'm quitting in December and I get all unreasonably excited. jooooooooooy!!

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