Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

T-shirt test update!

Okay, got my new test stock in, and so far, I'm pretty pleased. :)

I have 2X in a white tank top and a black tank top (you can order at S-XL price, so pay just $13), and 2 in the white 'baby-rib' shirt. (Girly-cut t-shirt) I apparently wasn't wise enough to order any of the cap-sleeved in 2X. In addition, I have white and black tanks tops in S-XL, white baby-rib tops in S-XL and the black-capped white shirts in S-XL.

You may pay via paypal: emillion at ellenmilliongraphics.com, just let me know which design on which shirt. You can also just buy through the site shopping cart, if you prefer. $13 each, first come first served (comment to reserve, payment due shortly, please!), $5 shipping in the US, $8 to Canada, $10 to anywhere else.

Off to finalize my wholesale policy for one project, print more Wish3, package a print service order, and tralalala around the office like the happy end-in-sight loon that I am.

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