Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

General EMG (all departments)

~Fresh logo?
~Login-site for artists and customers that is partly editable by them, containing balance information, mailing and email information, various variables, etc. I have a system like this set up for EMG artists, but it has some flaws. I need to work more bugs out before I expand it to include PA and print services artists.
~Better front/splash page
~matting and framing - to add as option on prints and for PA portraits
~Add bag and backer with flat shipping (not rolled) as option on all prints, EMG wide


~Add commission forms to artist pages
~Dark Elves calendar (DEADLINE: October 24 - for PRINT FILES) Decide on size, gather work, art and date layout, marketing**
~New animated gif for front page
~Refine the calculator for print services (have to learn new coding tricks...)
~Add new calculator to pricing page
~Add 11 x 14 size print option

EMG Storefront

~Finish web-changeover**
~Add new work**
~Wholesale shopping cart option
~Custom Calendar Service
~Card Sending Service
~Banners for rotation - highlighting special products, some humorous ones, etc
~Gothic CB** (before Halloween would be sweet...)
~Fix that stupid 'exempt' shipping fee that people keep using by mistake


~Setup greymatter site for shopping cart for print services. Fully-hosted, on-demand storefronts. Charge $5-$10 for subdomain, shopping cart services and set-up (on-demand is still free if shopping cart, etc is hosted by customer). No expiration or renewal fees. No affiliation with storefront.
~Update page with more comprehensive and current pricing.

EMG Library

~Finalize concept
~Purchase ISBNs

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