Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thrilling Tuesday

I feel obligated to post.

Got a lot done last night in less time than I thought. I'm much more efficient when I'm not at work. :P

No EMG entries slogged through, yesterday or today, but I did get 6 PA pieces up today. Yay. And updated ALL the adopted portraits and cleaned up the server a tad. And got my inbox down to 100 messages. Woot.

Stomach has been v. upset today, probably because of some chancy old sour cream I had on my potato yesterday. That'll learn me to eat questionable food. Bleh... Still, it's not so bad.

Snowing. We've got about an inch on the ground in most spots, but it's warm, so I don't know if it will stick. I hope it does! I hate the squishy-season where it isn't quite cold but it isn't warm anymore.

Gaming tonight. I brought art. Considered bringing my laptop and working on the webpage (Donny's got wireless), but a) that's even more anti-social than doing art and b) I don't have a case for my bee-ootiful laptop yet and I'm chicken about transporting it until I do.

I have half of tomorrow off and have only two orders to work on, so I'll get a bunch done tomorrow. I don't really have any delusions about getting the webpage done before I go to Anchorage, but I bet I can get it done by the following weekend.

Ah crap, I gotta make hotel reservations tonight. Ergh. I suck. I don't know how I manage to fool people into thinking I'm organized. I'm just motivated, definitely NOT organized.


Going to go get some water.

My life is soooo thrilling...

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