Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ARGH! Stupid post was lost because it claims I was trying to backdate. Frelling, stupid, RARGH.

It was a GOOD post, too, full of good news and happiness and art questions, but now I'm too grumpy to try to write it all again.

Short version:

Anyone tried Genisis paints? Apparently they layer and mix and feel just like oils, but require a heat-dry cycle which means your brushes never turn gross and you don't have to wait weeks for oils to dry.

Also, I bought some water-soluable oils that I'm dying to try, but have put aside with the scratchboard Vanessa sent as a reward when I'm done with the webpage.

Also, mom is out of the hospital and feeling somewhat better, though she is still on COMPLETE bedrest for two weeks.

Also, we signed mortgage papers yesterday for a very good deal in many ways.

Also, I'm fairly caught up on all but the EMG webpage! Not perfectly, but mostly!

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