Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another Wednesday...

6 EMG entries put up, and some clean-up on search terms. Two or four print orders filled (depending on how you count them... one of them went three places.). Mom visited (and sniffled maudlin-ly with). Four PA pieces up (2 in claim). Some forum upkeep stuff. (And two adoptions, as soon as I posted the work! Yay!)

Well, that was a choppy, poorly-written paragraph. *shrugs* Too tired to care.

We got our driveway worked on today, just some clean-up from springtime slump. Looks much nicer!

Wish I had the energy to work on the webpage some more... I've really got to start making better progress on the thing if I'm going to be done by EMG's birthday! *whew*

Alright, I'm off of this brainsucking Internet. Maybe I'll draw before bed. Or do dishes. Or draw. Or do dishes. Argh.
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