Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Catching up w/ stuff....

So, I'm about ready to go shake some people that owe me stuff and it occurred to me that I ought to make sure I'm not flinging stones from glass houses...

What do I owe YOU? What have I promised and promptly forgotten because I'm an airhead? What have I told you I'd send you that I haven't?

Here's my list of in-progress stuff... what am I missing?

Raffle prizes for charity to Whit and Ron
RWH tarot (shoot me now... I deserve it...)
Calendar for CN.
Horoscopes for WW (I have other article ideas, but I don't think I've committed to anything else?)
DWB logo
Wendy's logo
Mousepad for Matt and Nicki
400 page view prize package for Hazel
Christmas presents. (Erk)
All the EMG work that I still have to get up...
Email Ren about hat/scarf
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