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My Weekend

I am invincible!

At least for a few moments. :P

I figured out how to add a surfable map to the Design Alaska Webpage, and am now figuring out how polish it a bit.

It was a really nice weekend.

Saturday Jake and I were planning to go mark our driveway, but it was raining and horrible, so instead we had a leisurely morning, did some in-town running around, and went shopping for socks and groceries. In the evening we went over to Matt's new cabin and had a loooong, steamy sauna with Nicki and Matt. I haven't been that relaxed in a very long time. We need to sauna more often.

Afterwards, we ate grilled steak and mashed potatoes with chives and dill and Matt kicked our butts at Trivial Pursuit. In all, a wonderful evening. Matt's new cabin is fantastic; really huge for one person, with a very usable kitchen and a nice large loft with lots of windows. Jake and I wandered around making mental notes about things we want to use in our own cabin.

It's a little frightening to think about building our house next year. We're squeezing every dollar to be able to build it, but it's going to get us out from the 'rent monster' and it will be large enough for us, which our current cabin just isn't. EMG is crammed into this little nook, and mousepads and extra paper get smooshed into the root cellar and out in the storage cabin (which scares me, because I'm afraid the squirrels will get into it), and I have exactly enough space for my chair to move it in and out of the desk. I have no work space, except the drafting table, which is usually tilted and has drawings taped to it, so I have to do all the packaging downstairs on the kitchen table. Or the floor. I imagine my customers don't really want cat fur in their stationery.

I'm off track again.

I missed the Rushwater on-line chat on Sunday, mostly because I completely forgot about it. I painted all morning, which was enormously wonderful, and it's one of the best paintings I've ever done. My new oils are fantastic! I got the rest of my artist-pay tallied, emailed nearly all of the artists with their balances, and got started on building new images for the Rushwater order pages. I'm toying with a number of new ideas for products, but I'm going to be good and just finish up calendars for this next catalog. I'm thinking that there won't be a 2002-2003 catalog, because we'll be living in a black-plastic finished house at that point, and I think it will be better to get the house finished and pay off the vaious loans. Maybe in the spring of 2003 I can put out a catalog, instead of the usual September release date. Once the house is built, I can scale back on my day job (I hope!) and spend more time on EMG. I think it's worth the extra push now (day-job wise) to be able to do what I really want later.

Off track? Completely de-railed is more like it.

Anywho, Sunday night is the television fix: Stargate through Xfiles, and they had a very nice time-travel theme throughout the evening, which fit nicely with my brainwaves, having just written a great (best yet for me) short short stories about time weirdness. I sketched as I watched TV, and ate dinner (greek food!) and sketched again. One of the artists backed out of the coloring book, so I'm trying to fill in the blank spaces myself. I think it turned out to be a great start... I'm going to to try to start inking today, but I have to get the perspective lines correct in the background still. (I was too lazy to get up and get a ruler last night)

This morning was less awful than usual. I didn't burn anything! Yeah! And work has been fun, not boring drafting like usual, but webpage design, which I can't help but feel helps me out personally because I teach myself all kinds of tricks I can use on my own webpage.

Well, this has been another long rambly entry. So be it.

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