Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Half a Friday is still a workday...

Got three EMG entries up before IE freaked out, which reminds me why I don't work on those things at work (Ya know, besides the niggling guilt that I'm not getting paid to work on my own projects between panics...). They've promised me a new computer or I'd do a reformat on it myself and install Firefox. I will definitely not be running IE on the new machine. I even plan to convince Jake to install it on his computer, and once I move EMG files to the laptop, I will be reformating my desktop and installing XP and Firefox.

Stupid IE.

Oh, speaking of money-grubbing, monopolistic, soul-sucking companies, I got an AIM account. I'm ellenmillion. I probably won't be on a lot (any...), but there it is. I don't mind being IMed out of the blue, but bear in mind that I'll largely be multi-tasking, and chatting is generally at the lowest level of priority. Please don't be offended if I ghost. But do say hi. :)

Alright, DWGs to keynote...
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