Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another Thursday with too much to do...

Why am I always tempted to open my entries with *yawn*?

Probably because I almost always update my LJ at work, now that I think about it...

Crisis after crisis today at work, mostly sorted out in quick order, but some of them are sticky corrupt-file problems that I'm not so sure about right now... I was still able to get 6 PA pieces up. No EMG entries, unfortunately. *wince* I hope to work on those tonight. After a delicious home-baked meal courtesy of my marvelous husband.

I have tomorrow afternoon off, and plan to get snow tires bought and mounted, and put out two orders. Then, hussle on the webpage more. This weekend, we're putting up wall cabinets in the kitchen and installing the sink. Hopefully with a drain that goes down into the outlet plumbing. No more bucket!

Have story ideas, and want to write desperately, but haven't had time. Or rather, haven't taken time... I've been a good monkey and worked on the webpage any chance I've had. What doesn't show up in my productivity is that I'm frequently having to re-code shopping cart bits because I had NO standards when I started this mess, and I'm also going back and fleshing out available products in some of the more popular older designs. It'll be nice to have a good, standardized system at the end of this. It will be worth the effort, I keep telling myself. Yeah. I just need a few more hours in the day, that's all...

I'd like to mail in some art to a couple of Cons in short order here, but I don't know how to squeeze that in.

I think I'm hungry. I also think I'm going to be bad and have a Coke. Sweet, delicious, evil Coke.

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