Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million



Oy, tired this morning.

Time for more coffee.

Looking into driving down to Anchorage the first of October to vend at the Alaskan Pagan Pride convention... could be a very good venue for my stuff, and it would be fun to get out of town for a weekend. Still, a 7 hour drive the first week of October could get hairy.

Got some matted and some framed work hung at a giftshop here in town yesterday. Probably won't be killer sales, but they don't take any commission... they just needed something to dress up their walls, and it was a good deal for both of us to have the leftovers from the fair out in the eye of the public. I think Ursula's big gold-suede-matted Bear and Salmon piece is a gorgeous eye-catcher. It's just too bad I didn't have it until the very last day of the fair or I'm SURE I would've sold it.

Four PA pieces posted... three are in the claim site.

Jake cut my hair Sunday, and I like the way it feels. He took about 3 inches off, more than necessary to get rid of split ends and enough that it feels a little different and swishy, but not so much that it is too short.

Gaming tonight. Brought some art to work on. :)

It snowed this morning! About a half an inch of slushy, crappy stuff. Didn't stick to the dirt, but did stick to the car and the tarps and the plants. I don't think it will last the day, and it was only raining in town.

Cleaned up the upload site a bit... it needs a serious purge, but I need to transfer ALL my print files to my laptop first. At least I got most of the junk closed out and edited with current status.

Need to work on emails soooon.

So many projects, so little time. My next big push, after the new EMG webpage, is to get the RWH tarot finished... it's a huge mental block in my brain, and I want it GONE. Now that I have a computer at home, it ought to be pretty easy to get the layout finally done. And printing won't take much time.

Hmm... wonder what's for lunch...

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