Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Good start to the day...

Good start to the day...

1 EMG entry up during coffee breaks, and 1 PA entry. Was futzing with a math form for the AIA convention, so I went off on a sideline and built a page to calculate the list price for commission printing services. Cute little thing, but I can't quiiiiite make it do what I want. What I've got is close enough, but I'd rather have checkboxes. However, checkboxes won't work without value tags, and the value tags hose up the rest of the script.

Finally FINALLY got UG transfered to mousepad successfully. This is take six on this stupid order... first was a misprint, two transfers got scratched in-transit and two got mispressed. Rargh. And all this on an order that I waived shipping on. Definitely didn't make money on this stupid thing.

I love having sturdy stairs.

Oh, and I finally got that darn membership page updated at PA.

And art, did I mention that I got some art time? I love getting art time. Makes me feel... not grumpy.

Victoria: I hope to mail them tonight! Weeee!
Mirar: I've got a ton of house photos, but not posted anywhere. I shall make an effort to get them up this week. :)
Tigerpixie: Welcome to my journal! I love your fantasy cats, and I'm looking forward to using them at EMG. :)
Gretchen: I'll get those coloring books mailed off this week... could you send me your address? I've probably got it... somewhere.
Everyone who commented on my temper tantrum/pityfest last week: You're all wonderful. :) Thanks for the hugs and well wishes.
Everyone in storm paths: lots of hugs and crossed fingers.


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